The first monorail in Italy: the Marconi Express, which links the Airport of Bologna with the Central Station FS

The Marconi Express is the innovative mass transportation system, electric and completely automated, without driver on board, which links in only 7 minutes the airport and the central train station of Bologna, central node of the Italian high speed train system.
Comfortable, fast and sustainable, thanks to its elevated monorail and the photovoltaic system which allows to save 30% of the energy, the system can move 570 passengers per hour in each direction, travelling with a maximum speed of 70 km/h on wheels. The line has three stations: the airport and the station as end of the line in the two directions and a stop in the centre where the trains cross and which hosts the control centre and the maintenance area. The platforms for the passengers in all stations are divided from the train rails by doors, which opens automatically when the train arrives, together with those of the train itself.