The main aim of the Prato’s Operation Plan is to define development models that are socially, culturally and economically sustainable. The goal is to decline some of the main European and Italian themes (reuse and ambient) to the local dimension. These two themes, deeply interconnected, are trace of design decision finalized to reduce the land use and to improve the urban resilience.
The Plan, which is the result of a participatory knowing process, is devoted to improve the urban and rural environment quality. The aims are to create a new green infrastructure, along which develop new urban transformations to increase the natural component in the city, and to reduce the land use through the conversion of built-up areas.
The Municipality carried out an investigation, iconographic too, on all the valuable buildings in the city. The process analyzed the historical buildings and the industrial structures from the productive past of Prato.  Each building has a fact sheet that is a concrete help to the future urban action and the collective memory.
The municipality plans to replace the vertical elements of the modern buildings that are unsafe and non-functional with new systems to free the ground. The aim is, through a progressive demineralization, to let the nature invade part of the city, walls and ceiling covered by a new nature.
Convenient and strategic areas inside the city boundaries are donated to the municipality to host new public services. The new developments will host parks, social gardens and urban forests, that are key factors to mitigate weather effects, improve the visual and sound perception, as well as the air quality and the collective well-being.