The Urban Innovation Plan for Bologna includes the most important policies that accompany the growth of Bologna: the document was presented at the end of 2016 with the aim of linking both the choices and the projects of the Administration together with the citizens’ commitment.
The Plan present some of the most important urban policies of Bologna, their sources of funding and the collaborative method to realize them and leverage the regeneration and refunctionalisation of areas, spaces, existing buildings, mostly located outside the city centre, adapting them to new uses without therefore consuming new ground.
The goal of the Plan is to promote the creation of widespread “Opportunity hotspots” where citizens and community can access new forms of being together, to create, practice, take part and cooperate in activities with a social, cultural, economic and environmental impact. The actions envisaged in the plan are “mending works” which, without using new land, recover buildings, often with a symbolic meaning for the city, and turn them into places to support the activities of the districts of Bologna.