For its 100th anniversary, Pescara invests on innovation, culture, welfare and young people.

The Masterplan for the “Polo della cultura e della conoscenza” (Pole of culture and knowledge) had the shape of a canvas on which the city, inside a participated process, draft its own idea of future. From this innovative instruments, the stakeholders (Municipality, Region, Province, Ministry, University, Anas, Trenitalia, Tua, Confindustria and other organizations) will get strategies and rules with which, thanks to an new model of governance, they can come renovated in the projects and processes to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the city (#versopescara2027).
The Masterplan redesign and develop the area located South-East of the urban centre, in which there are already the university, the stadium, the rail freight yard, the Riserva Dannunziana, the outdoor theatre, the auditorium, the Aurum – factory of ideas, the waterfront. A short-medium-long term program will invest more than 200 million Euro on knowledge, sport, welfare, sustainable mobility and the creation of a diffused university campus, able to generate sociality, culture and economies.