Public spaces realization and redevelopment strategies: the New Playground in Macrolotto Zero, redevelopment of Piazza Bianchini in Iolo district, redevelopment of Piazza Borsi in Narnali district

The urban strategies adopted by Comune di Prato are focused on the redevelopment of areas which are characterized by particular social dynamics and need spaces for aggregation, and on the redevelopment of existing public areas for which citizens have expressed interest through participatory processes.

The illustration covers only a few of the interventions implemented by Comune di Prato, namely:

  • –           the Playground in Macrolotto Zero, a highly constructed area affected by social issues; it is a work in progress realized in an abandoned industrial area, now on its way to return to the city through a program that merges together socialization needs with physical activities to raise quantity and quality of public life;
  • Piazza Bianchini in Iolo district, redeveloped thanks to a detailed project. A floor fountain has different spaces arranged around, each one destined to different functions following a coherent vision: green areas, rest areas and transit areas, differently qualified using different materials;
  • Piazza Borsi in Narnali district, which from a simple traffic island has been transformed into a real square, with paved spaces differentiated by shape and colour that, together with green tree-lined spaces, create a grid that becomes a new landmark for the community in an urban context characterized by a long-established residential system in need of new gathering points.