Colleferro was founded in the 20th century, after the first nucleus of the architect. M. Oddini, designed by Ing. R. Morandi. The Monumental Complex (9 buildings of the Morandian City) is part of the Regional Network of mansions and villas, architectural complexes of regional historical and cultural value. The aim is to protect and enhance this heritage, placed within the strategies of the Lazio Region.
Colleferro hosts areas of considerable size (about 136 ha) characterized by disused facilities due to disposal that have progressively lost their functionality. Making them the object of urban regeneration allows: a) – recovery and return to the urban traffic of the “Via Romana”, correlation between the hill town and Borgo Scalo; b) – recovery of disused assets for “large area” services; c) – Objective to 2050: soil consumption equal to ZERO.
The Refuges, as an underground system, are put in direct connection with the urban system. The solution intends to enhance the relationship between the elements of the two realities: the galleries, the urban spaces, the stations of the visit, the reception center, the mineralogical collection.
Sustainable mobility is in close coherence with the infrastructures and transport services of the Metropolitan City and the Region. Coordinated and concerted action is required with other institutional bodies and public transport operators (Cotral, RFI, Trenitalia) to create the platform for integrated services of intermodal iron / rubber / cycle transport in the area in front of the railway station.