There are 16 Legacoop Inhabitants Cooperatives in Emilia-Romagna and represent a social base of over 110,000 members. Between these, several undivided historical cooperatives with over 100 years of activity, representing an intergenerational real estate assets of over 7,200 housing, largely regenerated heritage through an intense energy redevelopment plan and restructuring in general, which allow for implement a profound rethinking and improvement of the aesthetic standards of buildings, while respecting environmental sustainability and the needs of the new social base. The Cooperatives of Inhabitants have always developed research and planning in the field of Urban Regeneration. From the 1980s to the early 2000s, they also worked on the recovery of abandoned industrial areas, restoring the redeveloped and sustainable areas to the inhabitants and the city. Today, addressing the issue of regeneration of degraded and disused areas in different Municipalities of the Region, it is necessary to adapt the instruments and regulations urban planning, as well as fiscal, economic and financial instruments, to make the interventions sustainable and feasible, alongside the technology constructive of the buildings to reactivate the communities of the sector and the neighborhood, focusing on the people who will live there and the relations with the context, giving identity and meaning to places of life.
All this is made possible through intense social diagnosis work, enhancing listening, participation and sharing with members, families and the community, which has changed considerably with respect to family needs and dimensions: the elderly, students away from home, families reduced, mobility. Not only, therefore, cooperatives that deal with building up in compliance with the law and the development of real estate, but a cooperative of inhabitants that, in responding to the problem of housing, activate a path of social innovation, creating networks between different community-oriented operators. Legacoop Inhabitants Emilia-Romagna, through its associated cooperatives, intends to spread the culture of urban regeneration for new cooperative business missions, building a permanent site for inter-operative comparison that allows the implementation of each activity, which brings well-being as the final goal of the person.