Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT participated in the entire generative chain, as an investor, but also as a supporter of the manager up to the exit through the purchase by the Fondo Piemonte C.A.S.E., managed by REAM SGR S.p.a. The Social Housing SHARING TORINO represents a significant case not only because it is a pilot project in an urban reality of virtuous dynamism and a visible social, cultural and economic renewal. This path of urban recovery offers new faces to places that are difficult to use, creating infrastructures with accommodation and new construction works, using participatory and shared planning methods that contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants.
Currently several communities live together in Sharing Torino, including young workers, Italian and international students, families in emergency housing, tourists and city users. Sharing Torino also hosts an integration project for asylum seekers managed directly by educators e operators of the Cooperative D.O.C.
The world of the Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT is involved in this intervention on the neighborhood also with the presence of the Fondazione ULAOP – CRT Onlus which provides the after-school service inside the structure in favor of all the children of the Pietra Alta district. After 8 years of management, Sharing Torino is today a positive reality with a turnover of the housing project in Via Ivrea 24 which exceeds € 1.4 million and matures over 110k days of presence, remaining a successful social impact investment model, concrete demonstration of the possibility of to realize Social Housing according to a logic of economic sustainability, to enhance the surrounding neighborhood and to increase professionalism in social management.