Gruppo Veritas is the group of companies controlled by Veritas Spa that provide urban hygiene services, from the collection to the processing of
waste, the integrated water service, energy production and numerous other collective urban services to a basin that includes the 45 Municipalities of the City
Metro of Venice and 7 other Municipalities of the Province of Treviso. The inhabitants served are more than 920,000, to which must be added the over 40 million tourists who visit Venice every year, the surrounding areas and the coasts of Jesolo, Cavallino, Eraclea and Chioggia, for a total of over one million inhabitants equivalent.
The next phase, on the other hand, related to selection, refinement, material and energy recovery, is entrusted to the companies of the Group such as:
– Eco-Ricicli Veritas Srl for the enhancement of plastic and metal glass;
– Ecoprogetto Venezia Srl for the recovery of the undifferentiated fraction;
– Metalrecycling Venice Srl for the refining and marketing of metal scrap.