An innovation hub dedicated to Tech among the largest in the country, with unique research projects.
A space of 12,000 square metres entirely redeveloped by Fondazione CRT in an innovative way, to provide it with the best environmental sustainability standards and technological security –including a Tier III certified data processing centre, one of the highest in Europe.
Focused on Tech and on some verticals of excellence such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, OGR Tech hosts 4 different actors, with a view to positive “contamination” for the creation of an Italian innovation ecosystem:

  1. startups, scaleups and accelerators of major global companies such as Techstars, based in Colorado, to support the growth of the territory and create “bridges” with the main European and US hubs;
  2. national and international corporate companies engaged in research and development, to launch open innovation paths;
  3. investors;
  4. applied research centres on smart data, with entities of excellence such as the Polytechnic University of Turin and ISI Foundation.

Isi Foundation will launch the first Big Data centre for non-profit organizations at the OGR, developing new indicators for assessing social impact in the philanthropic field.
Under the aegis of OGR Tech, strategic alliances have been signed with international players: in addition to Techstars, which launched in Turin an acceleration program on smart mobility (a European exclusive), other important partnerships involve:

  • Endeavor, the main global non-profit network for scale up;
  • Talent Garden for the daily management of OGR Tech spaces, for community animation and for the natural connection with over 20 campuses across Europe;
  • The US Embassy in Italyand the US State Department through Best (Business Exchange and Student Training): the Italy-US bilateral program, of which the OGR will be the “home” for the creation of high-tech start-ups in our country, after a period of training of young talents in Silicon Valley, leveraging on the international network under construction.

OGR Tech brings together talents, investments and a very broad puzzle of skills, connecting Turin to global excellences. The challenge of the new international innovation hub is to help Italy fill part of the Tech gap, catalyzing half a billion euros of total investments and 1,000 new accelerated start-ups over the next twenty years in OGR.