In recent years the union between social housing and urban regeneration has been evident. It was therefore considered appropriate to enhance the interdependencies also in the cultural program of Urbanpromo, while maintaining the identity of social housing.

Within Urbanpromo Progetti per il Paese the identity of Urbanpromo Social Housing emerges from the specificity of the three themes addressed in this edition:

  • access to community resources;
  • enhancement of social assets;
  • impact investing.



A first theme is the “access to community resources”. Community programs of financial support for social housing interventions place this particular destination within the great framework of social infrastructure, which also includes educational, health, welfare and other services. Access to community resources raises questions of significant importance, among which the identification and appropriate interpretation of funding sources is only preliminary. European experiences demonstrate how strategic vision, the ability to establish partnerships and the ability to successfully manage acquired resources are required.



The “enhancement of social assets” – in relation to these programs but to all investment programs too – places people at the center of its attention and, therefore, the methods and tools with which, in the most advanced experiences, is trying to create a community welfare. Another crucial point is how, with this perspective, we are facing the phenomena of aging, immigration, impoverishment, depopulation.



Thirdly, the event intends to discuss the developments that the “impact investing” approach is experiencing in social housing, which is growing strongly in the world due to the emergence of the EGS (environment, society & governance) logic in the allocation of its portfolios by large investors, not only non-profit ones but also profit ones. The exploration regards the great variety of subjects that act by measuring the social impact of their investments and the social housing models towards which they direct the commitment of resources.