Alessandro Bruni, Iginio Rossi, INU – URBIT

The INU together with important institutions has been involved since 2016 in the City accessible to everyone project, which in the 2019-2021 work program provides for the establishment of a Prize awarded through an INU-URBIT call for applications for innovative works about the theme of accessibility to 360 ° carried out in Italy as part of Master’s thesis and research-studies between 01.04.2019 and 30.09.2020. The Genoa Chamber of Commerce supports the Prize with vouchers for books and / or devices for a correspondence of € 3,000. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the National Research Council and Cerpa Italia Onlus collaborate in the Award. 20 applications were received (14 for Master’s thesis and 6 for Research-studies). The theses were discussed at the Universities of Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Federico II Napoli, Sapienza in Rome, Udine, IUAV University of Venice and London School of Economics and Political Sciences.
For the awarding of prizes in vouchers for books and / or digital devices (€ 1,000 for the first place master’s degree thesis; € 500 for the second place master’s degree thesis; € 1,500 for the most deserving research or study) the promoters have set up a commission composed by: Gabriella Cetorelli, MIBACT, Directorate General for Museums; Giordana Castelli, CNR, National Research Council; Maurizio Caviglia, Chamber of Commerce of Genoa; Piera Nobili, CERPA Italia Onlus; Iginio Rossi, INU-URBIT.
The winners will also receive publications published by Mibact and will be offered them internships / traineeships at the CNR and at structures of the Cerpa Italia Onlus network.


4.30 pm – Start of work

Iginio Rossi, INU-URBIT

Prize assignment:

Maurizio Caviglia, Genoa Chamber of Commerce;
Giordana Castelli, CNR, National Research Council
Gabriella Cetorelli, MIBACT, General Direction Museums
Piera Nobili, CERPA Italia Onlus

6.30 p.m. – End of works

Curators and speakers:
Iginio Rossi INU - URBIT
Architect, he deals with the urban functioning inherent in 360° accessibility, networks for soft mobility and the revitalization of urban territorial economic bodies also at a territorial level with reference to urban regeneration, historical centres and the functioning of widespread mixed activities.
Alessandro Bruni INU - URBIT
PhD in Spatial and Urban Planning. He practices urban and landscape planning and urban design. Professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Perugia.