Maria Chiara Tosi, Marta De Marchi, Michela Pace, Iuav University of Venice

In continuity with the Urban Promo Green conferences of 2019 and 2020, the session aims to further explore issues related to the complexity of governance of wetlands, fragile territories in environmental and socio-economic transition.
This session, which will be held in English, will be an opportunity to add an important piece in the reflection around the multi-level governance tool of wetland contracts.
In particular, the processes and the first results of the participatory processes developed within the Interreg Italy-Croatia project Crew, coordinated wetland management in Italy-Croatia cross-border region, will be presented. The project partners, who have been involved in the development of such contracts over the last two years, will report on their experiences, highlighting the challenging aspects and successful elements of these processes.
CREW partners have been engaged, between 2018 and 2021, in developing participatory processes to achieve wetland contracts between stakeholders and local communities. The areas involved in these processes, located along the Italian and Croatian coasts of the Adriatic Sea, differ in extension, management system and relationship with the surrounding socio-economic fabric, but share the typical difficulties of these transition areas between land and sea: pressures related to human activities, climate change and health and economic contingencies, which endanger the delicate ecological balance of these environments.


“Learning from Interreg CREW Wetland Contract”
Maria Chiara Tosi, Marta De Marchi, Michela Pace, Iuav University of Venice

“The Marano Lagoon”
Gabriele Pitacco, Comunità Riviera Friulana

“The Sentina Regional Nature Reserve”
Serena Sgariglia and Leona Gela, San Benedetto del Tronto City

“Ornithological Reserve Palud”
Svjetlana Lupret-Obradovic, Public Institution Natura Histrica

“Mouth and Valley of the Ofanto River”
Agostino Ciciriello, Territorial Pact for Employment North Bari/Ofantino

Discussion with:
Daniela Simion, JS Interreg Italia-Croatia, Regione Veneto
Serena Sapio, Pavia University
Giulia Cantaluppi, Iuav University of Venice, Temporiuso