InvestiRE Sgr has played a leading role over the last ten years on the national scene – through the management of ethical real estate funds dedicated to social housing participated by the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare (Investment Fund for Housing) managed by CDP Immobiliare SGR – in the creation of social value through urban regeneration.
Collaboration with local public and private stakeholders, including the consolidated partnership with the world of foundations, has enabled InvestiRE to specialize in the redevelopment of disused and degraded assets in city centres, contributing to not only urban but also social regeneration with the activation of new living and dynamic communities.

Social housing. The Tuscan model

The pandemic lockdown has stimulated deep reflections on the theme of ‘home’ both in the dimension of ‘social infrastructure’ and of living in the proximity of the so-called ’15-minute city’.
The Region of Tuscany took part in the debate on this issue at national level, through the Tuscan Housing Fund, managed by InvestiRE Sgr and participated, among others, by the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare managed by CDP Immobiliare Sgr. Toscana Region has promoted a competition of ideas aimed at stimulating the search for new “post-pandemic” housing models, which takes into account the critical aspects of the current urban planning and building system, promoting social housing projects aimed at configuring new housing structures capable of providing a concrete response to the needs of today’s society. The competition summarized and collected ten interesting suggestions for the multi-purpose living of tomorrow.



Paola Delmonte, Redo Sgr

“Introduction fund Ca’ Granda”
Paolo Boleso, Head of Residential & Social Infrastructure InvestiRE SGR

“New Polyclinic hospital and social housing in Milan”
Marco Giachetti, President Heritage Foundation Ca’ Granda

“Urban regeneration and social housing”
Giordana Ferri, Executive Director FHS

“Project presentation SARPI”
Gianandrea Barreca, Studio Barreca&LaVarra


Marzia Sica, Head of Objective People Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation
Paolo Cavicchioli, Modena Foundation President
Roberto Saro, Cariparo Foundation General Secretary
Andrea Severi, Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Foundation General Secretary

“ACRI and the social housing”
Giorgio Righetti, ACRI General Manager


“Introduction Tuscan housing fund”
Paolo Boleso, Head of Residential & Social Infrastructure InvestiRE SGR

“Regione Toscana and Post COVID19 House”
Serena Spinelli, Councillor for Housing Policies, Tuscany Region

“C.R. Foundation Florence and the social housing”
Gabriele Gori, C.R. Foundation Florence General Manager

“The Tuscan social manager”
Tancredi Attinà, General Manager Abitare Toscana


Benedetta Albanese, Councillor for Housing, Municipality of Florence
Valerio Barberis, Councillor for Urban Planning, Municipality of Prato

Presentation of the finalists of the “the post Covid19 house” competition
Giordana Ferri, Executive Manager FHS

Rossiprodi associati
RES architetture
ITER studio

Stefano Tossani, Abitare Toscana President