Andrea Arcidiacono, INU, Viviana di Martino, Silvia RonchiPolitecnico di Milano

Soil is a limited and non-renewable resource, a fundamental element of the environment, the ecosystem and the landscape. It is essential for human wellness and for the performance of important ecosystem functions.
Waterproofing, erosion, loss of biodiversity, decrease of organic matter, salinization, contamination, compaction, soil consumption, landslides, desertification, pollution, are among the main threats that contribute to soil degradation and loss of this invaluable resource.

The latest report on soil consumption prepared by ISPRA and SNPA states that even in 2020 almost two square meters every second of agricultural and natural areas in Italy will be lost. This shows that the need to develop actions and policies to promote a sustainable use and management of soil is an essential priority.

The seminar starts from the presentation of the results of the Soil4life project together with other recent European projects focused on these issues by using different approaches.The objective is to propose a reflection on the possible tools and governance models that can concretely contribute to orient and support the choices of policy makers – and all those who work on soil at different levels – towards a sustainable approach. The ultimate goal is to protect and maintain the quality of this resource.


Viviana di Martino, Politecnico di Milano

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Damiano Di Simine, Legambiente

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Andrea Arcidiacono, INU – Polytechnic of Milan
Damiano Di Simine, Legambiente

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Fabio Terribile, University of Naples

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Luca Filippi, Emilia Centrale Land Reclamation Consortium
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Laura Ribotta, Municipality of Turin

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