The study area is located on the southeastern border of the town of Santa Maria degli Angeli, not far from the urban center and well connected to the main territorial infrastructures for mobility. The current urban structure, fragmented and unfinished, and its poor urban integration, determine the marginality. A part of it has been center of a chemical pole, whose memory is evidenced from two iconic buildings with a paraboloid section, attributed to Riccardo Morandi and Pierluigi Nervi, today of public ownership and that already hosts the Lyrick Theater, a bowling alley, a covered swimming pool, the Federal Technical Center of Boxing and the Palaeventi.

The Masterplan confirms the strategic and symbolic value of the area and its vocation of sport and cultural center with the realization of a sport palace and of the European Boxing Academy. The Urban Gallery, the Great Promenade and the other open spaces, planted or requalified, will complete the creation of the new urban centrality, inducing the social re-appropriation of the places.

The latter will be favored by the mending of relations with the urban settlement, through the provision of an integrated network of paths for soft mobility welcoming, safe and accessible. Their paths, together with the new public green areas, will be the site of renaturalization processes with planting of trees and hedges and recovery of natural soil. The hanging garden of the palasport will be a public space overlooking Assisi.