Gianni Biagi e Stefano Stanghellini, INU – URBIT

Public administrators, planners, and private operators present projects that intervene on parts of the city abandoned by the activities for which they were built, aiming to make them once again vital components of today’s city. To be successful, the projects prepared must possess strong innovative content: the genius loci, the design concept, the functional mix, the partnership relationship between the Administration and private promoters, the financing methods, the public benefits generated.

2:00 p.m. hall entrance

2:30 p.m. start of proceedings


Introduces and coordinates

Stefano Stanghellini, INU – URBIT

Discussants with the speakers

Gianni Biagi, URBIT President, and Paolo La Greca, University of Catania


“The reconversion of the Granai Medicei and the city’s former barracks”.
Cecilia Del Re, Councillor for Urban Planning, Municipality of Florence
Gabriele Gori, Director General, Fondazione CR Firenze

“NHOOD’s Multidisciplinary Approach to Public Private Partnerships”.
Carlo Masseroli, Head of Strategy and Development, NHOOD

“Ancona: the new Piazza d’Armi”.
Ida Simonella, Councillor for the Strategic Plan, Municipality of Ancona
Claudio Centanni, Head of the Urban Planning Department, Municipality of Ancona

“The reconversion project of the former Fonderie Corni in Modena”.
Paolo Signoretti, President of Heliopolis
Giancarlo Muzzarelli, Mayor of Modena

“GeNova Nuova: urban synergies between regeneration and development”.
Mario Mascia, Councillor for Urban Planning, State Property, Economic Development
Nora Alba Bruzzone, Sectoral Urban Planning Manager

“Milan. Vetra building: architecture and art to regenerate public space”.
Sebastiano Pasculli, BU Director & Associate Il Prisma

“The Est(ra) Moenia project in Naples”.
Ambrogio Prezioso, President Estramoenia Association, Past President ANCE Napoli

“The Periphery Plan of Fontivegge: a research path on the orientation in the use of urban spaces”.
Franco Marini, Head of Territorial Planning and Strategic Projects, Municipality of Perugia
Fabio Bianconi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Perugia

At the end:

Awarding of the URBANISTICA Prize