Carolina Giaimo, INU – URBIT and Benedetta Giudice, INU Giovani Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta

The group ride is being held in coordination with the conference ‘Active Mobility Cares for the City. Policies, plans and projects for urban wellbeing’ and is intended as an opportunity to build a collective awareness of the relationship between health and urban and environmental wellbeing, in relation to the dynamic activity favoured by cycling, especially if carried out through public green park areas. The large urban green lungs in fact prove to be an essential building block for the construction of a general strategy of complex safeguarding and enhancement of health and urban biodiversity. The experience takes place through the Borgo Vittoria district, in an itinerary that develops from Cascina Fossata towards the green areas along the Stura di Lanzo in Turin.

Participation in the ride is free and open to a maximum of 30 people upon registration. Free bicycle hire is provided for those who explicitly request it at the time of registration.

Click here to register for the bike ride.


Introduction to the survey

“Cycling as an experiential tool for well-being: what conditions and perspectives”.
Benedetta Giudice, Valeria Vitulano, INU Giovani Piemonte

“Cycling itinerary and points of interest from Cascina Fossata to Stura”.
Giulio G. Pantaloni, INU Giovani Piemonte

“Introduction to pedalling”
Elisa Gallo, FIAB Torino Bike Pride and FIAB national councillor

Bike ride

Departure/return from Cascina Fossata
During the pedal ride, participants will be invited to react to the questions posed by the organisers; the results will be presented at the conference “Active Mobility Cares for the City. Policies, plans and projects for urban well-being’ the following day.

The ride will be carried out with the assistance of expert escorts from FIAB Torino Bike Pride