“A City that aspires to take shape as a Laboratory of territorial innovation that, in the wake of the tradition inaugurated by the Bourbons with the architectural and economic-social utopias, enhances the signs of history and re-proposes and re-launches it in a vision of a System that goes beyond the City, placing it at the centre of a vast area dimension”.

This section of the D.O.S. finds its application in a sphere of intervention that historically identifies the most marginalised areas of the city, for which the physical barrier of the railway line has always marked their destiny.
Rione Acquaviva and…


Curated by

Carolina Giaimo, Director of Urbanistica Informazioni
Elena Marchigiani, National editor Urbanistica Informazioni

The themes that the new Urbanism Information series explored in 2021 include issues directly affecting welfare and quality of urban living, considering the challenges faced by urbanism from a society in transformation from economic-social, ecological and environmental, energy and technological perspectives.

Through the plural gaze of scholars and experts, the Focus developed in No. 300 of UI investigates the rhetoric of the ’15-20-30 minute city’ as an optimal spatial-functional model marked by the principles of proximity. A model that, also in reaction to the measures of social distancing induced…