The Metropolitan City of Bologna has selected, among the projects put forward by the Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities, four proposals, characterised by a broad metropolitan relevance and aimed at achieving the strategic objectives outlined in the programming and planning tools that the Città Metropolitana has adopted in recent years, namely: the ecological transition and the fight against climate change; the reduction of inequalities and fragilities; and the enhancement and development of the knowledge and research system.

In order to take full advantage of the great opportunity offered by the PNRR resources and the European, national, regional and local development strategies, the metropolitan city of Bologna is now betting on the development potential of its knowledge ecosystem, the true distinguishing feature of its history and the key to a sustainable future. This is a very ambitious challenge that aims to support and consolidate an ongoing trend. In fact, the metropolitan city of Bologna can boast a solid economic and cultural fabric, based on the presence of universities, national and European research centres of excellence, foundations, museums, libraries and innovative enterprises widely present throughout the metropolitan area.

The interventions that make up the Integrated Plan involve the municipalities of Bologna, Imola, Marzabotto, Camugnano, Castiglione dei Pepoli and San Benedetto Val di Sambro and aim to enhance, in a logic of spatial and functional synergy and complementarity, opportunities and realities already present in the territories that promote innovation and cultural, productive and scientific research.