Experience a “leap in scale” of the collaborative system of the Social Housing initiatives towards the urban areas in which the initiatives themselves are located.

The Tuscany Region has promoted, through the Housing Toscano Fund, managed by InvestiRE Sgr and participated among others by the Investmenti per l’Abitare Fund managed by CDP Immobiliare Sgr, the development of supplementary community services that can accelerate the transition from residence to living by bridging the gap between housing and public space through the active participation of the inhabitants in the social and cultural life of our cities.

A first phase of analysis, conducted on six social housing initiatives of the fund by professional architecture and / or engineering firms together with subjects from the Third Sector, studied innovative solutions aimed at exploring both the physical component of spaces integrating living, internal and external to social housing, and the organizational component of collaborative management models, also linked to issues such as energy and the environment.

The proposed solutions have identified areas of proximity within which, with an integrated management process involving specialized and locally rooted operators, mainly from the Third Sector, to activate micro-networks and actions in the territory to promote social inclusion and empowerment of neighborhood communities, thus responding to both needs related to housing and living in urban contexts, from access to local public services to the use of more advanced services of a socio-health and cultural nature.

The second phase of creation of the network will facilitate, by networking services and initiatives, the achievement of a critical mass useful for creating user basins such as to activate regional economies of scale also in a synergistic and integrative perspective with the world of local third sector.