CRT Foundation is a private non-profit organization born in 1991 that, for over 30 years, has been an “engine” of development and growth of Piedmont and Aosta Valley. Thanks to its own projects and resources, it is constantly engaged in the enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage, in scientific research and the training of young people, social entrepreneurship and assistance, and safeguarding the environment and people.
On the occasion of Urbanpromo, two notable projects were presented that are being followed by the Foundation in the city of Turin.

The Regeneration of the Borgo Vittoria district: Cascina Fossata

Cascina Fossata is a project that aims to give the city a quality meeting space to meet new housing and social needs in a changing territory.
The project is managed through the approach of co-design and active involvement of the different stakeholders, who we want to “meet”. Thanks to their participation, they contribute to the creation of a new context, benefiting from its opportunities and potential. Starting from the desire to requalify and return to the city a place with great potential that has been abandoned for some time, the project Cascina Fossata has as its primary purpose the fostering of new social interactions between different people with specific needs.
The total redevelopment of the ancient Cascina (or farmhouse), done in conjunction with newer construction, will serve as a new landmark of the territory, thanks to the inclusion of a new Temporary Collective Residence, a Hospitality Center, a restaurant, a medium commercial sales facility, spaces dedicated to craft activities, a service center for the promotion of socio-cultural activities, two internal courtyards that constitute a new, safe public park, equipped with games for children and a gym en plen air for residents of the neighborhood.

Project of social residence: Sharing Torino

Sharing Turin is among the most important examples of temporary social housing. Inaugurated in 2011, it is the result of the regeneration of a former Italian Post Office building and houses various forms of social residence. The initial investment was possible thanks to the commitment of Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT which guaranteed 90% of the total 14.5 million Euro and participated throughout the entire generative production chain. The property is spread over 10,000 square meters and houses within its apartments workers, students, families, tourists and city users. The residential layout is complemented by a hotel with 58 rooms that, in addition to sustaining the project economically, ensures a daily surveillance of the entire structure. The spaces of aggregation allow for multiple activities involving both building residents and other residents of the neighborhood, increasing the offering of activities in the promotion of people’s well-being, as well as a consistency of services aimed at the community, such as after school programs.