The second edition of Urbanpromo Digital will be held at Cascina Fossata between October 11 to 14, 2022.

Urbanpromo is the national observatory of experimentation, innovation and research referring to the city and its transformations. Introducing an in-depth analysis of digital technologies, Urbanpromo broadens its purely urban and environmental field of investigation fostering a wider dissemination of cutting-edge experiences that make use of artificial intelligence, as well as human intelligence.

The great relevance that the digital transition gained in the Italian urban and cultural planning field has led to configure “Urbanpromo Digital” as the first major national initiative willing to bring together projects promoting technological experimentation and emphasizing its relevance in the sphere of urban economy and innovative territorial development.

The initiative will take place within “Urbanpromo Progetti per il Paese” framework: the event devoted to regeneration and public-private partnership, now in its 19th edition.

Among the themes characterizing the second edition of “Urbanpromo Digital,” in addition to the comparison and experiential exchange among the structured initiatives that have been promoted in various Italian cities, are:

  • new experimentations for Smart cities, renewable energy sources and smart mobility tools
  • digital twins and the use of satellites for spatial governance
  • the use of new integrated service platforms and public-private co-design models