Exhibiting and presenting at Urbanpromo 2023

Urbanpromo offers multiple opportunities to make new plans and projects and the best initiatives known. These include presentations at numerous qualified conferences, webinars, poster sessions, publication in the on-line Gallery and/or in the exhibition set up at the Innovation Centre of Fondazione CR Firenze.

Participation in the event takes the form of the following proposals. Packages and customised solutions can be agreed with the organisational secretariat.

Exhibiting in the Online Gallery

A flexible exhibition space to be modulated according to your needs.

Exhibiting a project in the Online Gallery by means of a personalised card.

  • Small formula: € 300.00 
  • Medium formula: € 450.00 
  • Large formula: € 700.00 

Extra services: it is possible to request translation of the contents into English at a cost of € 150.00.

Exhibiting in the Innovation Centre

By attending the Urbanpromo conferences, it is also possible to visit the exhibition of plans and projects that will be displayed in the Innovation Centre.
It is possible to present panels (90×140 cm), videos and other graphic products, including digital ones.

  • panel: € 900.00 per panel 
  • monitor/projection
  • dedicated space

See HERE the exhibitions of the last editions of Urbanpromo.
For detailed information contact the organisational secretariat.


For Partners and Sponsors of Urbanpromo we have come up with some visibility options related to communication services.


Video presentation

  • 2 minutes: € 300.00 (self-produced) – € 400.00 (directed by Urbit)
  • 4 minutes: € 500.00 (self-produced) – € 600.00 (directed by Urbit)
  • 8 minutes: € 700.00 (self-produced) – € 850.00 (directed by Urbit)

For other services (newsletter, information desk, main sponsorship), customisations are on request and subject to availability.


Conferences are held simultaneously in 4 halls, each with a certain capacity. Speeches in the halls are arranged on request.
Various forms of personalisation are possible, from type (desk, talk show, etc.) to additional services (coffee breaks, live streaming).

Amounts excluding VAT.