The cases that arise concern a system of interventions aimed at the recovery and redevelopment of buildings to be used for housing of ERS and socio-cultural activities as well as public spaces and sustainable viability under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) – Mission m5 – component c2 – investment 2.3 – National Innovative Programme for Quality of Living (PINQuA) called “Alta Umbria 2030 – Regeneration Strategies”, “Living Umbria”, “PS5G. Redevelopment of the former Palazzetti a Ponte San Giovanni”; interventions such as the one in the Municipality of Perugia – Ponte San Giovanni: from Suburbs to Cities; an intervention as a result of a research agreement between ATER Umbria and the DAStU Department of the Politecnico di Milano, provides for the urban and environmental redevelopment of the San Valentino district in Terni; a redevelopment and energy efficiency of the building for 50 ERP housing in Via Cestellini in Ponte San Giovanni (PG); an intervention on the Fund complementary to the PNRR “Safe, green and social: redevelopment of public housing” – SVS 5 building renovation with change of use of real estate in Terni Via Campomicciolo 3 for the construction of an extra hotel. The interventions contribute to raising the quality of living, as well as for greater housing, also for the offer of services, spaces of relationship and environmental infrastructure.