Trasformazione urbana_2The area of urban transformation deals with property assets in relation to the evolution of the market, through the presentation of projects, interventions and policies.

The projects represent:

  • real estate market analysis and policies aimed at enabling. There are proposals for a new use of “unsold”, whose weight grows gradually expands the attractiveness gap between new buildings and those “dated”;
  • the projects related to the redevelopment of parts of the city with the aim of regenerating degraded portions of urban territory;
  • trends and innovative ideas that feed enhancement operations, alienation, public real estate management;
  • the urban management instruments of the transformations. Proposals capable of creating synergies between the planning of mobility and the improvement of urban quality;
  • the projects that offset the consumption of land, measures capable of creating synergies with the promotion of urban regeneration;
  • infrastructure projects generating positive effects on cities;
  • a presentation of the most successful cases related to reclamation and redevelopment of brownfield sites;
  • recovery initiatives and enhancement of cultural and environmental assets that produce benefits for the city. Showcasing the finest examples of interinstitutional cooperation;
  • the project characterized by the private public partnership. A presentation of equipment and high quality services which contribute to the modernisation of the health system, education, culture and sport.