From bus to the outskirts of the sea, passing through the Baricentrale and regenerating public spaces.

The program is a synthesis of strategies make up the system of urban and suburban mobility consistent with the objectives of the mandate on public transport, urban greening and upgrading of public spaces.

The project also provided for the sea bus from the General Urban Plan. as carrier network of local public transport proposed for funding under the P.O.N. Metro, integrates perfectly with the procedures and the design of the park Baricentrale of R.T.P. Fuksas, creating an interconnected network from east west, north and south, exploiting the sediments disused railways, will be realized in the period 2014-20 using vehicles with low environmental impact.

Subsequently, it will activate the enhancement of specific plots for logistic centers of interest: railway, port and airport. The lines will be affected during redevelopment of urban open spaces linked by the sea and adjacent to the port, that will involve the regeneration of the entire waterfront for about 40 km.

The coastal infrastructure system will be integrated and connected to the network path for the slow mobility.
The project aims therefore to formulate an overall program wide medium-term inside aimed also includes interventions from different sources, according to a single logic of social and economic development of the city.

Anticipating the aggregation axis of public transport sea containers of various cultural tradition and innovation activities to enhance existing or new. The aim is the beauty and quality of life through the quality of public spaces, culture and tourism, and for the economic growth of the city and for the social development of its people.