He has taken shape, by the will of the Foundation Cassamarca and design by Mario Botta, a place of the city to host institutions, residences and cultural spaces.

Already Appiani Graziano, creator of the historical company of tiles, driven by political and entrepreneurial passions, builts here in 1910, “his social village “: the Eden village.

An industrial complex with residences for their employees and places for their well-being, a theater, a cafe and other public spaces, because “… it was not the suburbs, but a new idea of the city” (Graziano Appiani). In the nineties, the area was acquired by the Foundation Cassamarca.

Today, in the area once occupied by the Opificio, there is a new area dedicated to hosting the Cittadella of the institutions of Treviso, which is distinguished by the peculiarity of the position in relation to the historical and the sixteenth-century walls of Fra ‘Giocondo, located just 400 meters.

The project becomes a part of the periphery twentieth century, with no sense of urban organization with its value in fine art from the great urban density, which enthusiastically think the size of the citizen-user: “….a really unicum that is to offer the user a space “outstanding” for the image quality, the nature of the materials, for offering extraordinary space and services (square mineral, rose garden, fountain, church, paths seats) surrounded by its own activities in the city (government offices, restaurants, shops). “(Mario Botta).

In order to emphasize the centrality of the large elongated square located in the heart of the project, then called the Piazza of the institutions, the container of the great expanse of water, amplifying architecture, serves as a poignant counterpoint to the chapel, and an unusual rose garden ” urbano“.

Unique opportunity in the city, to enjoy the colors and fragrances: a real visual and olfactory bouquet. It ‘just through the plant component that look, inside or outside the complex ideally joining the equivalent of the context, is the dialogue with the soul of Treviso green, lush landscape for the presence of the river Sile.