Parks of Sarno, the Ecological Network and Manicipal Landscape Units

The strategies, defined by structural and pragmatic aspects, that the municipal administration of Sarno wants to employ with the “Piano Urbanistico Comunale” (Urbanistic Municipal Plan), mainly pursue a sustenaible development of the territory and the social community, foreseeing a serie of measures to achieve goals at the same time, like the protection and contextual development of the historical and identity heritage, the mitigation and prevention of natural and anthropic risk factors, the recover and reorganisation of the settlement structure, the definition of a mobility system to be sustainable and intermodal.

The Plan, as landscape-environmental strategic project, offers, for the areas with an high ecological value, and in consistency with the aims provided by the “Unità di Paesaggio Comunale” (Unity of Municipal Landscape), a system of green parks of territorial and municipal importance that, properly connected between them, are able to form the new structure of the “Rete Ecologica Comunale” (Municipal Ecological Network).