The FIV Fondo Investimenti per la Valorizzazione, managed by CDP Investimenti SGR, is an investment building fund with the goal of promoting and favoring the privatization of public buildings with a potential value related with a change in the destination of use, regeneration or use for economical reason.
Since 2013 the two components of FIV completed acquisitions for about 740 million euro.
The assets of FIV included 22 ex-barracks and military structures to be converted (including 2 isles of the Venice lagoon), 2 dismissed hospitals (Venice and Bergamo), 2 ex school institutes (Verona and Torino), the ex municipal theatre of Firenze and some buildings with office destination of use.

The area of the ex-barrack Pozzuolo del Friuli is located in Scandiana street n.35 in Ferrara.
The urban regeneration project for the building has been commissioned to Studio Performa Architettura + Urbanistica, and it is under elaboration.