SB_HOUSE, built from Company Loira sr.l. and ADB Edilizia (temporary association of companies) and designed by ADLM architetti, is a new urban housing development in the historic neighborhood of San Basilio in Rome, (east area of the city) and part of the larger urban redevelopment project called ” P.R.U. San Basilio “, in implementation of Law 493/93 – Art.11.

The project will implement within the sector “Z_1” of the development program “PRU San Basilio”, 3 buildings whit a total of 75 flat. Simultaneously, will be built on a second sector, (Z_2), a building of about 840 square meters consists of 18 flat that will become the property of “Territorial Agency availability for Residential Construction of Rome” (ATER), which manages social housing accommodation.

The project in addition to being dynamic factor for territorial re-stitching of the neighborhood in the unfinished parts, characterizes the building with strong technological innovation for energy efficiency with the use of eco-friendly construction materials and innovative, combining housing innovation with the recovery of the housing typological morphology of Roman neighborhood unit.