The area: is about 6 ha of the PP C2/33 Mattuglie, identified by the Municipality of Venice. The area has been used as temporary deposit of soil from excavation done by the Municipality, and was often subject of flooding.
The Program (PRUACS): predict the realization of 60 units for social housing, 12 housing units for ERP, a district heating system, intervention for water safety and urbanisation works.

Realisation: Intervention completely managed by the Public Administration, led by La Immobiliare Veneziana srl, with a high level of sustainability from the point of view of energy consumption and mobility. The existing environmental constraints have been preserved (micro habitat, humid areas and trees), the flooding problem in the area has been solved, the importance of bike and pedestrian paths have been enhanced with the creation of new links between the possible attractive point in the area (parks, schools, sport facilities, social spaces).

The housing units are served by the district heating system, as well as the sport facilities and the schools. The 60 social housing units are provided with photovoltaic panels and green roofs: high quality housing for a segment of the population that today cannot afford housing in the free market or in the ERP.