The Masterplan represents the synthesis of an urban strategy that design a new asset for the North part of the city, which is close to the historic centre but, because of the industrial building dismissed and the social-economic characteristics of it, has been always perceived as a suburb. The goal of the Masterplan is the regeneration of the area through three main lines of intervention and public-private cooperation:

  • Connect: services for the housing and the district back in the historical centre, through pedestrian and bike path and urban road that are safe and pleasant
  • Join together: “historical” and new inhabitants, through an inviting public space able to adapt to different use and needs
  • Innovate: through a Learning Centre which integrates different levels of education (from the nursery school to University) and different disciplines, placing the growth of the single and of the community as the centre to the daily life, and doing so, of the regeneration of the entire urban area.