VITERBO: da Vetus urbs a modern City

The development of the town through integrated actions concerning sustainable mobility, energy requalification and social and economic revitalization

The Programme is shared with and requires the participation of stakeholders; it involves the development of the town through some key actions. Its realization is based on the social and economic values needed for the town revitalization.


  • Three main themes: recycling and reusing of waste aiming at a circular economy; research aiming at competitiveness and internationalization of business; creation and requalification of facilities to favour community and social cohesion.
  • A project to build new infrastructures according to green architecture, including new cyclist and pedestrian lanes and/or road facilities already planned in the PRG due to previous needs.
  • Encouragement in using electric mobility and recharge infrastructures.
  • Development, completion, renovation, and enlargement of sports and leisure facilities.