IX URBAN-PROMOGIOVANI AWARD is an innovative cultural initiative, aimed at nurturing the talent of students from all Universities in the world (Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Design, Real estate), engaged in education activities related to urban regeneration and urban transformation.


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Students interested in participating, have to submit a project proposal about:

  • the redevelopment of an urban area with a particular complexity and, therefore, the need of an integrated approach;
  • one of the Urbanpromo key topics: urban renewal, urban marketing, smart city, sustainable energy, social housing;
  • methods of analysis and design, by morphological settings, by procedural and implementing contents and by choices related to the urban context.

The quality of students’ proposals must be certified by their teachers. The projects and their authors will be published in the Multimedia Gallery of Urbanpromo 2017 and publicize all over the world through the media partners of the event.
The projects will be evaluated and awarded by an international jury, concerned in urban regeneration with two prizes and by the visitors of the Urbanpromo website with two more prizes.
Following the great success of the Urban-promogiovani8 competition, the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa will sponsor further awards, aimed at supporting the initiative and drawing attention to retail – tourism – culture led urban regeneration. A jury of expert will award the prizes to the 6 higher score projects.

The competition includes also a final workshop. It will take place in Milan during the days of Urbanpromo 2017 and it will involve all the participating students.



  • September, 25 – deadline extended
  • November, 5 – new deadline to upload files
  • November, 6 – projects’s issue
  • November, 20 –  on line evaluation will be closed
  • November, 24 – final workshop


7.11.2017 – VOTA ADESSO! / VOTE NOW!

Le votazioni sono ora aperte!
Nelle schede dei progetti è attivo il form per esprimere la propria preferenza: indicare “nome, cognome, indirizzo mail”.
Verrà verificata l’autenticità del voto espresso.

Now you can vote for your favourite project!
The project’s page forms is active: indicate “name, last name, email address”.
The authenticity of the expressed vote will be verified.


21.10.2017 – AVVISO / NOTICE

Stiamo lavorando per migliorare il servizio offerto. E’ ora possibile registrarsi al concorso Urban-promogiovani e caricare i file.
Per info, e per segnalare eventuali anomalie, potete scrivere a urbanpromo@urbit.it

Nuova scadenza: 5 novembre!

We are working to improve our service. It is possible to enroll on Urban-promogiovani contest and upload the project file.
Contact us at urbanpromo@urbit.it for information and technical problem.

New deadline: Novembrer, 5!