Urbanpromo is the main cultural event dedicated to the great theme of urban regeneration as a process of strategies, policies, actions, aimed at achieving a sustainable urban development.
The XV edition of Urbanpromo is directed at the horizon of Europe 2027.
Urbanpromo is the most recommendable location to:

  • know projects and innovative experiences and advertise them;
  • find out the new approach to urban, real estate and social issues;
  • facilitate investment conditions for public-private partnerships projects;
  • develop relationships with spokespeople from public administration, private companies, universities, research institutes and firms.

Urbanpromo offers administrators, economic operators, professionals and researchers the possibility of an advanced review on the most important issues on the Italian and the international stage.
An intense program of conferences, an exhibition of projects and the collaboration with journals with national distribution  ensure Urbanpromo a wide perspective about the key points of urban regeneration: activation of investments through the public-private partnership, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, development of real estate assets, social housing, private financing for public works, real estate tax system and its market outlook.







Urbanpromo is promoted by the INU – Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica [National Institute of Urban Planning], a high culture and technical coordination public law body, and is organised by URBIT – Urbanistica Italiana Srl, the ancillary service undertaking of the INU whose task is carrying out cultural events and providing consultancy. URBIT is a non-profit organization, whose potential profits contribute to support the INU cultural activities.
URBIT chairman, senior manager, technical committee and regional representatives fulfill their tasks for free, receiving the reimbursement for documented mission expenses only, according to cost effectiveness criteria.
The thematic event “Urbanpromo Social Housing” is organised by a specific Promoting Committee and a special Scientific and Technical Committee.


Board of directors:

Chairman: Stefano Stanghellini
Senior manager: Iginio Rossi
Advisors: Andrea Arcidiacono, Daniela Mello, Vittorio Salmoni, Michele Talia, Silvia Viviani