1. Introduction: Student accommodation in Tragliatella, Rome.
The project involves the construction of student housing in Tragliatella, in the province of Rome. The area considered in the small agricultural village located in the North-west of Rome, where there are illegal buildings and shacks, so the project involves the redevelopment of the area through the arrangement of green areas for the public space and the inclusion of small houses that are designed for private and especially students.
The objective is the transformation of this peripheral zone, characterized by illegal building, in a livable place, with the introduction of essential services. The area looks abandoned, untreated, green is uncultivated. Many houses are decaying, there are makeshift fence and the roads are not paved and they have many potholes that make traveling difficult.
2. Location and context
Analyzed the area, you may notice the absence of the main connections of public transport that does not allow the inhabitants of Tragliatella easy access to other cities, such as Rome, Anguillara or Bracciano. The roads are bumpy and on the main streets in various hours of the day there is a lot of traffic and therefore a lot of pollution.
The good thing is that Tragliatella is surrounded by a natural and agricultural landscape: you can see vast expanses of green meadows, farmland and forests. Given the importance that plays

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