Within the framework of the Interventions envisaged for the recovery, redevelopment and enhancement of the Old City, the Municipality of Taranto has chosen to focus on a social housing project as an initiative-trigger and potential lever of the wider regeneration process. The situation currently facing the Old City – drastically depopulated with respect to the past – is represented by a widespread state of abandonment and degradation of the physical and social environment, but also by some seeds of vitality and redemption linked above all to university presence and recovery of tourism with related economic and receptive activities.

At the center of the project proposal, there is the idea that to guarantee the efficacy of the initiative, a quality building intervention is not enough, but it is necessary to qualify the offer of spaces for living designing immediately their integration with the broader dynamics of the context.

To promote this approach, the Municipality of Taranto recently commissioned a team of professionals to draft the Design Alternatives Feasibility Document, which is the tool for recognizing, analyzing and strategically assessing the potential of the territorial context, and also for defining the most design solutions. appropriate with regard to urban planning, architectural, management and financial aspects.

The proposal is being structured around the concept of “HOME +”, which provides for integration with the main “bets” envisaged for relaunching the city from the Taranto Strategy (culture, “slow” tourism, “smart” companies, food and wine, high training) and includes shared spaces (such as spaces for study and smart working for young workers and students), spaces for micro-entrepreneurial activities (tourist offer, catering, crafts, self-production and trade, …) and proximity services ( micro-nests, concierge, recreational or educational services, technological services).