Lacittàintorno is an urban regeneration programme that promotes the improvement of the quality of life in urban areas through the activation of local communities. This aim is pursued using real estate and open spaces in the state of neglet or underused as “time bombs” to promote the participation of associative realities, informal groups and individual citizens in the regeneration process. These spaces are made available to the municipal administration with various legal instruments ranging from the traditional assignment under concession to innovative collaboration agreements.

Lacittàintorno operates through a series of engaging devices, depending on the subjects or groups to be involved. Among these, the main one is represented by the community points, both for the planning effort required to start them and for the expected business year. These are multifunctional places, where people can meet, benefit from services, forge relationships and participate in various types of activities: cultural, aggregative, sports, training, civic engagement, etc. These are places in deep connection with the reference territory and with its resources, which enhance and promote; places that are managed by articulated partnership and based on hybrid models which are able to reconcile the goal of economic sustainability with that of improving and diversifying opportunities of the inhabitants.

Lacittàintorno is built in two large areas of Milan: it includes the area of ​​Via Padova and the Adriano district and the other embraces Corvetto and Chiaravalle. The speakers will describe how Fondazione Cariplo and the Municipality of Milan have contributed to attend “Made in Corvetto”, the first community point of Lacittàintorno that in these very days comes to life inside the municipal covered market of Piazzale Ferrara.