Next Opening is the urban transformation project of the Toscanini district of Aprilia, winner of the Redevelopment Ideas Competition
of the peripheral urban areas promoted by MiBAC and CNAPPC, which provides for the regeneration of Piazza Europa and the surrounding area starting from a minimum intervention.
The peculiarity of the project lies in the desire to redevelop and restore to the city the public spaces of a suburban neighborhood through integrated plaNning in which architecture, social research and participation collaborate in the construction of a collective sense of shared spaces. The interdisciplinary nature of the working group allows us to act simultaneously on several levels in an organic way to trigger, alongside the physical regeneration of the area, a community building process, based on local culture and essential for a real territorial regeneration.
The intervention gives rise to a different construction site compared to the traditional ones, accessible for subsequent phases to citizenship before the closure complete works. Maintenance and safety are for the project an expression of maintenance and awareness of the reconfigured public space returned to the city. The program of integrated activities that accompanies the works directly involves the citizens in the realization of the square through the collective construction of temporary interventions. This allows to increase the sense of belonging of the community to the place, experimenting at the same time possible uses and directions of development, in a perspective of shared incremental growth.