FS Sistemi Urbani is the company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group set up to enhance the real estate assets that are no longer functional for railway operations and to develop activities related to integrated urban services. Established in 2008, it consolidated its know-how in the world of real estate and the enhancement, marketing and sale of real estate assets, acquiring the role of Group Asset Manager in 2018.

The objective of FS Sistemi Urbani to reconvert and enhance these assets and the system vision that the company supports has involved the elaboration and promotion, in agreement with the competent Bodies and Administrations, of projects and masterplans capable of generating a complex urban system that synergistically integrates the infrastructural network with strategic services. The natural vocation of the Group and the high accessibility to the areas that make up its real estate portfolio allows FS Sistemi Urbani to develop urban redevelopment projects that combine the transport-related dimension with the economic-social, managerial and strategic ones, with the aim of giving back to the citizens the full usability of urban spaces and functions.
In Turin, FS Sistemi Urbani has activated a process aimed at the redevelopment of over 500,000 square meters of disused railway areas. “Rail City Lab”, the workshop organized in May 2019 in collaboration with the Municipality of Turin, promoted a debate on sustainable urban regeneration of the seven areas through a comparison with local institutions, designers, the academic world, citizenship on sustainability issues, connections and living. The target? Imagining the Turin of tomorrow: more inclusive, attractive, sustainable.
The ideas and suggestions collected during the work of the “Rail City Lab” were analyzed and elaborated, UrbanPromo will be an important opportunity to present to all a summary of what emerged.