The guiding projects intercept, through a system of infrastructural, spatial, functional and symbolic relations, large urban transformation projects by aiming to give coherence and integration to public and private action and to avoid decision-making fragmentation and inorganic implementation.

The places of greatest flexibility on which are realized the efforts of the Municipality, through the Operational Plan, are:

  • the current and future spaces of dissolution and degradation in strategic areas of the city;
  • special unused buildings to be re-functionalised which claim a role within the future urban setting;
  • precarious building fabrics and degraded public housing districts;
  • open spaces and public and private interstitial green areas to be involved in network strategies to create new environmental, ecological and fruitive continuities;
  • the areas of edge and of urban completion in order to consolidate the structure and settlement form of urban fabrics.

The guiding projects give shape to the main issues, both transversal and load-bearing, of urban redevelopment which represent the priority project opportunities to give substance to the objectives of the Municipal Urban Plan:

  • building a new generation of parks;
  • drawing margins and residual spaces;
  • enhancing the infrastructural landscapes;
  • qualifying the urban countryside;
  • redefining urban hierarchies;
  • regenerating weak fabrics;
  • qualifying the building heritage;
  • rethinking accessibility to sensitive areas.