The CDP Group is positioned as one of the leading operators in the Italian urban transformation sector thanks to the experience accumulated over many years in the real estate sector. The know-how of the CDP Group and its activities cover all the phases of the Urban Transformation process, from the acquisition to the securing of abandoned buildings, from temporary uses pending the definitive vocation to the urban transformation processes, from environmental reclamation to the real and own real estate development of finished products.

The main strengths of the CDP Group in the Urban Transformation are represented by:
– a deep knowledge of the territories, acquired and also nurtured through the network of local partners, among which the banking foundations in the first place;
– a capacity for dialogue and interaction with Public Administrations, of which the Group is historically a 360-degree institutional partner;
– a wealth of technical skills acquired and developed by its human resources also through the specific missions that the State has assigned to the Group on the occasion of major events and natural disasters;
– in promoting and implementing the Urban Transformation, the CDP Group privileges, even if not exclusively, the uses and destinations that intersect the social needs of the community and the strategic drivers of the country’s development, always placing sustainability at the center of its action at all levels: economic, social, environmental, energy.

The reconversion project of the former Ospedale al Mare of ​​the Lido of Venice foresees the recovery and the re-functionalization of most of the pavilions
of the former hospital, the construction of two new accommodation facilities on the seafront and the recovery of the beach and open spaces with a landscape project
with a high naturalistic value.
Accommodation facilities will consist of a Club Med resort and a hotel managed by TH Resorts. Residences and private services will be built in the area, as well as the new health center of the Lido, a wellness and rehabilitation center, and a hotel management school.