From 12th to 15th November 2019 Turin will host the XVI edition of Urbanpromo “Progetti per il Paese”. Growth, development, progress and international openness are concepts that Urbanpromo shares in the development of its cultural project.

The branch of Urbanpromo 2019 – the Nuvola Lavazza in Turin – is an emblematic case of the regeneration of a degraded part of the city thanks to the use of private entrepreneurial and financial resources, in agreement with the Administration of the City. The urban, social and economic regeneration of parts of cities degraded through public-private partnerships is a central theme of the event, which aims to enhance and disseminate the most stimulating projects to promote, for example, the start of redevelopment processes.

Urbanpromo “Projects for the Country” is build on an exhibition of projects and a qualified conference program. The exhibition of projects is hosted in the spaces of the Centrale of the Nuvola Lavazza. The projects can be viewed either through traditional representative methods (panels, videos, models) or by accessing the online Gallery thanks to┬ádesignated positions.

Urbanpromo’s high scientific, technical and cultural profile is guaranteed by the program of conferences, seminars and meetings. The great current themes of urban regeneration, sustainable development, and social housing find direct confirmation through the presentation of original initiatives and projects, capable of triggering stimulating comparisons and promoting the spread of innovations.