INU Abruzzo and Molise, INU Lazio, INU Marche, INU Umbria

The conference deals with the reconstruction of the areas affected by the 2016-17 earthquake in central Italy. A Research Programme entitled ‘Earthquake and Recovery Fund’ will be presented on the initiative of the four regional INU Sections involved (Abruzzo and Molise, Lazio, Marche, Umbria). The Programme, submitted to the structure of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Earthquake Reconstruction 2016, capitalizes on the experiences conducted by the INU for the Abruzzo 2009 earthquake, also through the LAURAq, and the expertise of the INU Sections involved, in order to articulate a monitoring work, carried out in conjunction with the commissioner structure, and to develop Guidelines and methodologies for the verification of urban-territorial activities related to the Reconstruction and economic revitalization of the Area, as provided for the Extraordinary Reconstruction Programmes and with reference to the Recovery Plan.


Opening greetings:
Michele Talia, INU President

The Research Programme and the INU for Reconstruction
Pierluigi Properzi, INU Research Manager

The key role of the Regional Sections: knowledge and projects in the territories affected by the 2016-17 earthquake
Roberto Mascarucci, President INU Abruzzo and Molise (Lead Partner)
Domenico Cecchini, President INU Lazio
Claudio Centanni, President INU Marche
Alessandro Bruni, President INU Umbria

The experience of LAURAq
Donato Di Ludovico, Director LAURAq – Urban Workshop for the Reconstruction of L’Aquila

Reconstruction planning and programming
Structure of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Earthquake Reconstruction 2016

Pierluigi Properzi, INU Research Manager

Curators and speakers:
Michele Talia INU
Michele Talia is full professor of Urban Planning at the School of Architecture and Design of the University of Camerino. As a public administration consultant he has coordinated the design groups of the Structural Plan and Urban Regulations of the Municipality of Siena and the Strategic Plan of the Province of Teramo.