The General Urban Plan of the Municipality of Bologna is a tool to rethink the city in all its aspects: environment, society and economy. Although the plan is to all intents and purposes an urban planning plan, it has an important strategic component, as indicated by the Emilia-Romagna Region with the new urban planning law (n.24/2017).

Starting from the analysis of the data available today on Bologna, collected and commented on in the knowledge framework, the Plan defines objectives, strategies and actions for the Bologna of tomorrow.

The process of approving the Plan passes through successive phases of analysis, planning and comparison with citizens and technicians, with formal consultation (observations) and informal participation (deposited in the Notebook of the actors edited by Fondazione Innovazione Urbana), towards a final and shared version.

Urban Strategies

The Plan directs the future transformations of the city in a strategic way, i.e. setting first of all the objectives to be achieved in the long term.

The objectives identified by the Plan are three, concerning different but interconnected themes: Resilience and Environment, Housing and Inclusion, Attractivity and Work.

Four strategies are associated to each objective, which the Plan indicates as priorities to pursue the objective and which constitute a place of coordination of urban policies but also a container of rules for the regeneration of the territory.

Local Strategies

The Plan addresses all aspects of living in the city, not only the strictly building and/or town-planning aspects but also the social aspects, such as the home, public space and social life, and then work and business, the relationship between town and country, up to the environmental issue, which is so topical today.

The objectives and strategies set out in the Plan therefore have concrete effects on the lives of all the inhabitants of Bologna, on the dynamics of individual neighbourhoods and on the relationships between the different areas of the city.

A part of the Plan is dedicated to the objectives for the individual areas of the Municipality, with 24 focus on as many significant parts into which the city is divided.