Lacittàintorno is the Cariplo Foundation‘s programme which, since 2017, has involved the inhabitants of fragile urban contexts in the reactivation and re-signification of unused or degraded spaces in order to improve the quality of life and create “new city geographies”. The current emergency has highlighted the criticality of the traditional development model, exacerbating social fractures within already fragile communities. In this scenario, through extraordinary calls for proposals, Fondazione Cariplo continues to guarantee its support to the cultural chain, which is strategic for both individual and social well-being. Special attention is dedicated to young people, who are at greater risk of exclusion from educational processes, with irreparable effects on the future.

Through the Sottocasa call for proposals, contributions have been confirmed in support of outreach actions promoted by local networks, to continue the renewal process that has increasingly involved communities from 2017 to the present day, helping to make the inhabitants protagonists of the transformation of the places in which they live. To be mentioned UrbanArt, an artist residency of the StenLex duo involved in a participatory art project on the theme of social work, in the perspective of a post-epidemic world. The work was realized near the former Convitto Trotter, where the new PuntoCom de Lacittàintorno will be built.  Also in this direction and in the same area is the intervention of 1,2,3 Mosso which, through simple acts of re-appropriation of public places, involved the inhabitants in taking care of a garden as a common good. Also fundamental in this perspective are the collaboration pacts that led to the colouring of Piazzale Ferrara – around PuntoCom Made in Corvetto – confirming the concrete intention of institutions and citizens to collaborate to redefine places that are sometimes forgotten. The project and the direction of the path with the communities is done by Terzo Paesaggio. We also remember the NoLo Fringe Festival and the music bands of La città che sale festival that animated the streets and condominiums with itinerant performances, in safety and in compliance with regulations. Finally, the intention to support reading as an instrument of emancipation and participation is confirmed through a collaboration with Bookcity Milano with the project La lettura intorno.