The train station “PORTA DELLA CITTA” (CITY GATE), is a fundamental node in the regeneration program of the abandoned industrial areas and of the freight yard that has lost its function. The development of intermodality train+bike+TPL improves accessibility to the city center and the potential attractiveness of the areas located along the railway line.

This is the starting point for the regeneration project of the North Railway urban quadrant with a new centrality in the strategic planning system of the City of Imola, which identifies the abandoned industrial areas along the railway as a source of areas to be reconverted into residential districts, expanding the offer of public housing and investing in the system of green public spaces and sustainable mobility to improve the resilience and urban quality of this part of the city.

The matrix that connects all the interventions of urban regeneration, connecting them with each other and with services, is a continuous GREEN URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE resulting from the overlay of the system of bicycle paths and green areas, whether urban parks, gardens, rows of trees, areas of reforestation or residual of the road system.

This system improves the resilience of the city to heat island phenomena, heavy rain events, people’s thermo-hygrometric comfort, sociality, usability, livability of public spaces and healthy lifestyles, in a 15-minute city perspective.