Alessandro Bruni and Iginio Rossi, INU – URBIT

INU’s Project “Accessible Cities for All” has highlighted the importance of building the accessibility system where the purpose goes beyond the logic of single interventions overcoming barriers while towards a broader goal of overall quality. This approach is often reaffirmed within the Guidelines published at

The wider concept of accessibility and inclusion for all involves the limitations imposed on people’s autonomy produced by physical, sensory, perceptual, intellectual, gender, but also considers cultural, social, economic, and environmental barriers. Among these the central themes of the 2022 call for proposals have prioritized: people’s well-being; urban vitality; active mobility; living; public city performance; environment and sustainability; enhancement and enjoyment of artistic and cultural heritage; and the contribution of technologically advanced and innovative solutions to raise the quality of life.

The 2022 call sections concerning Master’s Theses and Research-Studies relate to urban parts (historic centers, suburbs, public spaces, buildings) and broad dimensions (cities, rural areas, territories).

Thanks to the participation of scholars and observers, the awarding of prizes will also be an opportunity to discuss the trends expressed by the world of the university in order to identify which developments are more likely to be pursued in the  areas of accessibility and inclusion for all are following.

Motivations and expectations:

Iginio Rossi, Coordinator Accessible Cities for All, INU – URBIT

Award Ceremony 2022

Award presentation:
Maurizio Caviglia, Chamber of Commerce of Genoa

Accessibility and inclusion for all
Round table

Conducted by:
Alessandro Bruni, Coordinator Accessible Cities for All, INU – URBIT