Curated by

Patrizia Gabellini, Honorary Professor of Urban Planning, Politecnico di Milano

The occasion for a reflection on the practices of participation is provided by the publication of the Fondazione Innovazione Urbana – FIU Visioni e azioni dell’istituzione dedicata alle trasformazioni di Bologna, a book that reports its activities from its creation in 2018 to 2021. The Foundation, which inherited the long previous experience of the Urban Center of Bologna, has set itself ambitious goals of social activation by practicing participation at various scales and experimenting with multiple approaches, in a relationship with Administrations that we could define as side-by-side but with autonomy.

The long duration of this experience (Urban Center first, FIU later) and the different phases gone through by this Bolognese ‘institution’ constitute important references for a discourse on the intentions, meanings, modes and outcomes of participatory practices in Italy, thirty years after their introduction in Italian urban planning.The aim of the meeting is to think about this `border’ in a disillusioned way, considering the topics covered, the ways and techniques used, the subjects involved, and paying attention to the changes that have taken place.

The panelists’ profiles are interesting in this regard: those who directed the Urban Center then FIU for long years, those who chose this field of activity early on, and those who studied Italian Urban centers.


Introduction and coordination:
Patrizia Gabellini, Honorary Professor of Urban Planning, Politecnico di Milano

Giovanni Ginocchini, Head Officer of the Municipality of Bologna, former Director FIU
Claudio Calvaresi, Urban Planner of Avanzi – Sostenibilità per azioni
Bruno Monardo, Professor of Urban Planning of “Sapienza”, Università di Roma